ITF 2019 Pune Road Show – 24th November 2018, at The O Hotel Koregaon Park, Pune

  • 25/11/2018

The Roadshow of International Trade Fair-2019, held on 24 November 24, 2018, at The O Hotel, Pune, Maharashtra.


– Shri. Jagadeesha K G, IAS, Commissioner of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka.

– Shri Sachindra Pratap Singh, IAS Commissioner of Agriculture, Govt of Maharashtra.

– Smt. C N Nandini Kumari, Managing Director, KAPPEC , Karnataka

– Mr. Rohitashwa Gakhar, Director Operations, ICCOA (International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture) Bengaluru.

– Ms. Samadhi Shelar , Farmer Federation , Maharashtra

– Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP) team Person

Expressing her views about the Organics and Millets movement Ms. Samadhi Shelar spoke about “Annadaata – Citizens Movement for Safe Food.” She explained that it is a citizen-driven, expert-guided, voluntary movement formed with a mission to create awareness about safe food and make it available to all. ‘Anna’ – means food which needs to be safe, nourishing and healthy. ‘Daata’- means the giver whose intention and practices need to be pure; like producing nourishing food that is safe for Bio-diversity.

Deteriorating status of health among human beings is an alarming development in recent years not only in India but across the world. The food we consume plays a vital role in maintaining our good health. The food that we consume should provide us with the required nutrition and keep us healthy. But unfortunately, it is not happening now. Besides changing food habits and poor diet, a major portion of the ingredients in the food that we eat today are poisonous. Hence, it is very important for all of us to be cautious about what we eat. The food that we consume is completely based on farming. Hybrid crops are susceptible to infections that warrant use of chemical pesticides. The residues of these deadly chemicals reach our bodies affecting our health in many ways. The awareness of safe food is vital to prevent this.

“Foods in all forms can be tested in laboratories. But testing food in everyday life will be very expensive and unrealistic. Organic certifications are offered by labs, but they are for supply-chains. The most recommended means of ascertaining that your food is safe, is KYF – know your farmer and hence, consider to visit their farms,” she opined.

“Supply-chains are equally important and it is desirable to build a one-to-one relationship with your supplier of organic food. In addition to a connection with the farmer and the supply-chain, consumers should use their sensory perception,” she added.

There was an interactive session after the address by dignitaries. Shri. Sachindra Pratap Singh, IAS, Commissioner of Agriculture, Govt of Maharashtra, and Shri. Jagadeesha K G, IAS, Commissioner of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, answered many questions of the participants.

The programme ended with vote of thanks by Director of ICCOA Mr. Rohitashwa Gakhar. The program ended with lunch with Millet’s recipes.

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